Unwanted Angels

by Amy at Whitelace Cat Haven

Remember that kitten you left when you moved?
You decided he’d manage, that he would find food
Remember that kitten you just couldn’t bring?
Assuming she would never remember a thing
Remember the kitten you left on the street?
Unspayed, she had kittens, but nothing to eat.
Constantly pregnant, she wanders around;
Her kittens roam wild now, all over town.

Remember those sweet little cats you left by the door?
They’re old, stiff, and gray now; their health is quite poor.
The male walks with a limp, and can hardly see
But don’t you worry, he knows he has me
That sweet marble tabby you left behind
Telling yourself that she would be fine?
For twelve years she struggled, raised babies and cried.
I lovingly held her today — as she died.

In Memory of "Gretel" ~ 1997 - 25 September 2009 COPYRIGHT 2009 - WHITELACE CAT HAVEN