A Loving Tribute To Our Departed Animal Family

Nobody is "dead" until no one remembers them

Twitch - 11/06/2011

He showed us how deeply we could love a helpless little cat, how compassionate we could be, and most importantly, how to be patient. He definitely kept us on our feet, and brought life into our home. We miss him terribly, and he'll forever have a place in our hearts. Miss you, babycakes.

Princess (Charlene) - 07/03/2010

Buddy (Beth Chase) 06/28/2010

When I first got Buddy--10 years ago?  We aren't sure of his birthdate.  We found the CH Kitty Club and it was a lifesaver.  I was constantly chatting on there.  I have since kinda disappeared.  I wanted you to know that buddy passed away on June 28th, 2010.  He had acute kidney failure and we took him in for fluids 2 x a week like they said, but after only one week he got worse again.  He was petrified everytime we put him in the carrier and would hide for 18 hrs after he got home.  He was stressed out all the time (and he was like that even before he got sick.)  We made the decision that his quality of life was bad enough to put him down.  I stayed with him and held him.  He was cremated......I'll never find another cat like my Buddy.  Thanks for all your help back in the day that I knew NOTHING about CH kitties, and God bless you.

Frog (Anne)

Sweet Girl (Kathy)

Mr. Meatball (Steve)

Gem (Ali)

Bonnie (Jan)

Willy (Jan)

Zeke (Jan)

Bitsy (Karen)

Semaj & Evan

Fostering kittens can be a joy or a nightmare if something goes wrong. Dayna caught Panleukopenia two days before her kittens did. They were all exposed at the same time, so there is no other explaining how she got sick first other than a miracle. Because Dayna was full grown, she fought the illness off quickly and easily. Then her kittens got sick. They were too small for me to treat effectively with fluids and medication. I was sure they were doomed. But Dayna now had enough antibodies against Panleukopenia to pass on through nursing. Despite Dayna’s efforts and mine, Evan refused to nurse. He passed away the next day, and it just about broke him mom’s heart. The other three quickly recovered, with their mom’s care being their only treatment. Gwen was the only one affected with a slight head wobble. Everyone went to an adoption agency to find perfect homes for them, except for Semaj. He won the hearts of a wonderful family who I am proud to call my friends. He enjoyed a full life of running and wrestling with "his" dogs, hunting house flies, being the life of the party when company came over, and the privilege of every night getting to snuggle under the covers and held close by a girl who loved him with her whole heart. He was very confident, outgoing, loving, and got into everything. Life was a party for him. He passed away suddenly and unrepentantly at the age of 3, having enjoyed more life than most cats who live to be 18. We are glad you are with your brother, Semaj. But we can hardly wait to see you again.

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